Friday, January 7, 2011

Ninja Master Prep Blender and Food Processor Review

Before I get to my salsa and guacamole recipes I thought I'd write a mini-review on the Ninja Master Prep, my favorite new kitchen appliance.

The Ninja Master Prep took my prep time from 15-30 minutes down to 5 minutes if that. My Wife and I received the Ninja Master Prep kit for Christmas and I honestly could not live without this thing after using it!

The kit includes a blender as well as a food processor that will take an onion, garlic clove etc down to mince level in a couple press's of the button!

I use this machine to make all of my dips, to mince and chop all of my ingredients and even make homemade gravy!!! The container bowls are very sturdy and come complete with a lid so after you make salsa etc you can just throw the lid on and throw it in the fridge, same with making smoothies, shakes etc. The blender part of the machine will even take ice down to slushy grade! Extremely versatile machine!

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