Saturday, January 8, 2011

Twin pig's in the blanket

Pig's in the blanket overpowered by the crescent taste? I find putting two links in each balances out this popular meal. I also like to put shredded cheese on the crescent before cooking and press it in as well as some Italian seasoning.

Sausage links (I prefer smokey links)
Tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls
Shredded cheese (I prefer sharp cheddar)
Italian seasoning

Take your crescent roll tube and open it up, peel off a crescent roll, place 2 links inside and wrap the crescent roll around it. Take some shredded cheese and press it into the crescent roll, now sprinkle some Italian seasoning over it and repeat the process.


Every oven is different I usually do not follow preheat recommendations. It's kind of like cooking with a microwave there all different same with ovens. I will recommend 350F check once in a while if needed turn it up to 400 etc, the key is not in getting the perfect preheat temp but checking on it enough!

Now THAT'S Scrumptious!

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